Ben&Ben: Reality hurts

Ben&Ben doesn’t mind singing about things that hurt.

In a presser to promote the band’s new single, “The Ones We Once Loved,” the members fielded questions in a straightforward manner.

When Daily Tribune asked, in jest, “Bakit po kayo nananakit (Why are you being hurtful)?,” Ben&Ben violinist Keifer Cabugao replied: “Because reality hurts sometimes.”

He continued: “That’s why we love what we do because we talk about the real things… It’s so hard to talk about it, right? So why not just listen to it. At least it helps you reflect and really think about life and all that…”

Album cover art of ‘The Ones We Once Loved.’

Written by Paolo Benjamin and produced by Johnoy Danao and Jean Paul Verona, “The Ones We Once Loved” is a bittersweet song that addresses an ex-lover.

“It’s a letter to the people who have come and gone in our lives. It’s something that we rarely express but we wanted to verbalize it more in this song than we usually do,” Paolo said.

Prior to the track’s release, Ben&Ben teased fans with cryptic messages that were actually the song’s lyrics:

So I apologize for coming into your life

We broke up, because sometimes it is the best thing to do

Did it ever cross your mind that maybe you hurt me, too?

I wasn’t built to build you up when you fall

Maybe we were meant to be a lesson to each other…

Ben&Ben’s concert on 3 September at the CCP open grounds is a send-off to the band’s coming international tour.

D rummer, Jam Villanueva, told Daily Tribune that while going international, “we want to be our truest and better selves. That’s (how we’ll) keep ourselves in check.”

“The Ones We Once Loved” is on digital platforms.

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