Remulla eyes BI wage upgrade

Department of Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla is mulling the upgrade of Bureau of Immigration personnel salaries to be at par with those of the Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Remulla stressed that at present, BI personnel has a low salary grade that is why it should be modernized and upgraded to international standards.

“In the Philippines right now, the salary grade at the BI is low. That’s why we have to modernize and upgrade so that we can meet international standards,” Remulla said.

He added that the BI should also have police powers and can arrest foreigners, including those who enter illegally in the country, which is in the context of Immigration personnel having a connection with other armed services of the country.

The DoJ chief also said that if the uniform of the BI personnel will be redesigned, which is black he would even put them holding handcuffs, as it will symbolize “sovereignty authority” aside from being a tool for protecting the country’s borders.

He also expressed belief that having handcuffs would make Immigration personnel more efficient in performing their functions, adding that BI personnel assigned at airports should be allowed to carry handcuffs so that in case an arriving or departing passenger causes trouble, they could immediately take action by restraining the person.

“This is a police function and you are the territorial guard of the country,” Remulla said.

The modernization bill of the BI which is being eyed has yet to be passed by Congress for the past 15 years and Remulla stressed that the foremost in the modernization of the BI is the upgrade of the personnel salary.

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