100-percent treat on Heroes’ day

As a gesture of gratitude, and to honor its rider partners, the motorcycle taxi service is not collect commissions on any bookings whether these are for rides or deliveries on National Heroes’ Day on 29 August. As a result, 100 percent of earnings from services like rides and deliveries for this day goes to the Angkas riders.

“Ang Angkas malakas dahil sa inyo,” Angkas CEO George Royeca said as he addressed Angkas rider partners recently. (Angkas is strong because of you)

“We celebrate our national heroes on 29 August for the bikers that fought hard to regulate and professionalize the motorcycle taxi industry,” he pointed out.

IT’S time to give back to Angkas Riders for the amazing service they provide.

“Because of them, we now enjoy freedom from traffic and congestion that has attacked our quality of life. For years, we have been crippled by congestion and it is our modern-day heroes that have given us freedom of mobility to travel safely and quickly, unburdened by traffic. Angkas riders have enabled Filipino commuters to be more productive, better rested, happier, more fulfilled — and that is real freedom.”

There have been many ways in which Angkas rider partners have shown their heroism to and for the Filipino people throughout the years. By proving that Filipino motorbike riders can be disciplined, courteous, and safe, Angkas is making the possibility for 18 million motorcycle riders in the Philippines to make a decent, above-the-minimum wage living with a motorbike more attainable than ever. In maintaining a safety rating of 99.997 percent after literally millions of bookings, Angkas riders are even now dismantling the long-perpetuated, derogatory “kamote rider” stereotype.

All bookings with Angkas on National Heroes’ Day goes to Angkas Riders

During the pandemic, Angkas pivoted to delivering medicine and essential item to the public in lockdown, and offered free rides to medical practitioners and other frontliners in areas where it operates.

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