Community backing intensifies anti-rebel campaign

Communities supporting the government’s anti-communist campaign resulted in a significant downfall of various members of the New People’s Army, according to Joint Task Force Tala in Cagayan Province commander Maj. Gen. Laurence Mina.

This comes after security forces of the Northern Luzon Command accepted anew four members of the communist terrorist group who “voluntarily” yielded to the 95th Infantry Battalion of the Joint Task Force Tala and Joint Intelligence Operatives of JITU “MANANGBALBALIW” in Santor River, Barangay Minanga, Penablanca, Cagayan on 25 August.

“Let us continue to give our utmost commitment and selfless service in performing our mandated tasks, and sustain the gains of peace and progress in our area of operations,” Mina said.

Meanwhile, NolCom commander Lt. Gen. Ernesto Torres said the “notable accomplishments” that the security forces have been achieving manifest the efforts of the Filipinos and their desire to attain peace and order in communities.

“I also extend my gratitude to the former members and supporters of the CTG who have chosen the path of peace and return to the fold of the law in order to live their lives in peace, and the citizens who have cooperated and extended their assistance in making this possible,” Torres said.

The surrendered, ranging from 20 to 26 years old, have also turnover high powered firearms including one Kr, one US M14, two Colt M16, two Elisco M16, one M14, one M79GL 40mm, and three Motorola Radios.

These firearms are now in the custody of the Joint Task Force Liberator for proper accounting and disposition.

Nolcom vowed to continue pursuing the CTGs remnants in its area of responsibility to prevent rebels’ hostile plans to disturb peace, security, and development in the region.

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