DPWH backs Sulu seaport construction

JOLO, Sulu — The Department of Public Works and Highways is funding the construction of a multi-million seaport in this town to support socio-economic development including tourism in the province.

Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan stressed that the seaport will be of great help to traders and construction firms in the facilitation of goods and construction materials coming from the nearby Zamboanga City.

Tan added that due to the nearness of Zamboanga City to Sulu, they are expecting that there will be an increase in passenger traffic.

“We expect a total turn around in the economic activities for the province once the new seaport will be completed and operational,” Tan said.

The governor explained that tourism is an important driving force for inclusive socio-economic development and poverty reduction in this province since it is one of the fastest growing and most resilient economic activities we can have in the province.

He added that tourism development can serve as a catalyst for job creation and can spur the development of infrastructure and public services.

Tan stressed that the seaport is very important for the people and government of Sulu as it supports the economic activities of the province and the seaport serves as a connection between sea and land transport.

It will also be of great help to farmers and fishermen in the province since they can now transport their farm goods and product including the catch to Zamboanga City and can sell it at a better price.

At present, there are two steel hull vessels serving the Zamboanga-Sulu route nightly and about five wooden hull vessels complementing their trips to Zamboanga City nightly.

Tan said that with the much-improved peace and order in the province, the government is expecting to host a number of visitors to the province daily because of better port facilities.

Construction firms here said the seaport will make their task easy in transporting construction materials to Sulu as they expect construction of commercial centers and residential houses to increase in number once the seaport is completed and operational.

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