Ellen Adarna takes a break: Showbiz can wait

Ellen Adarna wants to have a baby with husband Derek Ramsay — but the couple want it in the Year of the Dragon, which falls in 2024.

“For good luck,” the 34-year-old mestiza actor with Asian features explained, citing Chinese belief that three Dragons bring good tidings to the house.

“One last na lang, and hopefully it’s a girl,” said Adarna, who has a four-year-old son, Elias, by John Lloyd Cruz.

Speaking to the media in person on 27 August at the launch of Rana Pharmaceuticals, which she’s endorsing, Adarna reflected on her life — which she said changed remarkably following the birth of Elias.

When reporters took note of her blooming aura, she replied: “Naiba na ’yung lifestyle, hindi na ako ma-alak. Dati lasengga ako, party-party. Wala akong responsibility, I was living my life.”

She was still enjoying that life when she met Cruz — with whom she began an intense, whirlwind relationship. Both took a break from their respective showbiz careers, traveled abroad and then she got pregnant.

“When I got pregnant, I was set to stop showbiz, Adarna told Daily Tribune, pointing out she didn’t consider it much of a sacrifice, career-wise.

The “hardest part of being a mother,” she continued, “is the roller-coaster of emotions a toddler (can express), kasi nanay ako, na-absorb ko ’yun lahat.”

In a good place: Ellen Adarna with husband Derek Ramsay and son Elias. | PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF IG/ELLEN ADARNA

That’s all behind her now, she said. At present, she’s in a “good place” — settled down in a domestic life with Derek and Elias.

While Ramsay has been quoted saying married life with Adarna is “peaceful,” she, on the other hand, pointed out being with her husband is “interesting and fun.”

Adarna said she herself was surprised at having become a homebody as Elias grew up:

“Derek is very adventurous,” who always wants to take her out. “Para siyang nagba-balance. Kasi kaya kong nasa bahay lang.”

For now, she’d say yes to guest appearances in shows or even movies, but no to projects with locked-in taping that could go on from a week to a month.

“I’ll just be honest, no one misses going home at 5 a.m.,” she said.

So, showbiz can wait — well, at least until Elias turns seven, said Adarna.

As for having baby number two, Adarna quipped, in her lilting Visayan accent: “Next year na ako mabuntis.”

She must’ve calculated it, in time for the Year of the Dragon.

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