Shopee gives back via CSR

Singaporean multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, Shopee plans to give back the love they are getting from Filipino customers, launching its Barangay Shopee initiatives to enable customers to nominate a community project for their barangay.

“I think across the region where Shopee is present, people love these sales. I think in the Philippines, where I am focusing my attention, it’s just been overwhelming. Honestly, the attention and the love I get is just crazy,” Shopee’s head of marketing, Ruoshan Tao, said during the launch of Shopee’s 9.9 Sale.

She added that with the love they received from Filipinos, they would continue improving their services and touching people.

“E-commerce is for everyone. We have seen the excitement in our services here, and the goal is to serve the community. We love the Filipino people and are here to serve them, whatever the means,” she added.

Barangay Shopee
And to revert the favor, Shopee has announced the kick-off of Barangay Shopee, a campaign launched to do community projects under the Shopee Bayanihan CSR program, running from 25 August to 9 September.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said winners of the contest would be able to choose their community projects from which members of their barangay can benefit.

Those who want to join the contest should conceptualize a 1-2 minute video with at least three barangay members and answer the questions: Why should your barangay be called Barangay Shopee? And how can Shopee help their barangays?

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