T1 boss apologizes over Discord issue

T1 chief executive officer Joe Marsh admitted his involvement in a private Discord server where he communicated to fans in an unofficial capacity that led to some revelations that hurt the organization.

In a statement, Marsh apologized to the fans for causing confusion and disappointment after he divulged crucial organizational information and made inappropriate comments towards some players.

Discord, a desktop and mobile phone application frequently used by gamers, allows users to chat and create a voice lobby to communicate with other users on the server.

Marsh’s activity on the unofficial T1 Discord server was eventually leaked on Twitter, sparking an outrage among fans around the world.

“I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart to all the T1 fans for causing this confusion and disappointing turn of events,” Marsh said.

“It is true that several of T1 employees, including myself, were involved in the Discord server that has been causing controversy. I acknowledge and would like to ask forgiveness for my wrongdoings as admitted below.”

He admitted that what he did was truly inappropriate.

“First, on the Discord server in point, I along with some T1 employees have disclosed sensitive information and posted pictures that were shared or known only internally. It was an inappropriate move to share such information and pictures externally, especially through an unofficial outlet.” he said.

“This incident is inexcusable and unfair to all our fans. It was an error in my judgment. I undermined the trust of the T1.fan membership by wrongly thinking that it was okay for me to post some of the photos since they were not going to be used.”

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