Largest NPA arms cache discovered

DAVAO CITY — State troops recently unearthed the largest arms cache of the communist New People’s Army insurgents in the hinterlands of the Caraga Region, according to the Eastern Mindanao Command.

The military said that former members of Guerilla Front 16 under the NPA’s North Eastern Mindanao Regional Committee led government troops to 31 high-powered firearms and other war matériel in different areas of the region.

Lt. Gen. Greg Almerol, Eastmincom commander, said they uncovered the arms caches following the mass surrender of the NPA members earlier this month.

The high-powered firearms consisted of M4 rifles with nine units, M16 rifles, AK-47 rifles, M79 grenade launchers, M14 rifle, Galil rifle, Carbine rifle, R4 rifle, Pistol Grand Master (1), an improvised explosive device, several assorted magazines, 2,010 rounds of various ammunition, four bandoliers, and other war materials.

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