Play for pay

One of the popular opportunities to earn online is by trading in cryptocurrencies. One can buy a crypto from a seller or a crypto exchange, and then sell it to others once its value appreciates like in stock trading.

Some crypto traders reportedly have gotten rich from such business. For ordinary people, though, it is a costly undertaking and needs a lot of personal time. But an easy way of earning digital money like the most sought-after Bitcoin has emerged.

Digital money platform Maya rewards selected users of its mobile payment app with Bitcoin, according to its Facebook post. One lucky user who used Maya to buy food online won P1 million worth of Bitcoin as announced through digital billboards and social media on 24 August.

Reinzel C., a student from Cebu, was the lucky recipient, making him an instant millionaire. The Bitcoin was deposited in the crypto wallet feature of the Maya app. Other Maya patrons also received free Bitcoins in varying amounts for paying via Maya QR, Maya card or Maya mobile app.

Another way to earn money online is by playing games like Mobile Legends. In the multiplayer game, gamers battle each other to earn points that are convertible to cash.

ML players can also earn by livestreaming or showing how they play to other players while entertaining the audience with amusing talk. The platform rewards livestreamers with at least 100 viewers $100 that is deposited to the gamer’s bank account.

Among the successful ML gamers and livestreamers is 15-year-old Jiji de la Cerna.

De la Cerna started playing video games when she was five years old and was introduced to ML by her father who also played the game before. He coached his daughter on the popular game, and she began livestreaming in 2020.

Her mother initially didn’t like her avidness for ML, but later realized that her daughter can very well manage playing while studying. More importantly, the girl was fulfilling her own dreams through earnings from the game.

From only 1,200 followers, De la Cerna quickly built her fan base to 4.1 million subscribers, according to a report from the “Dapat Alam Mo” segment of TV news program 24 Oras. The P4 million that ML paid De la Cerna for drawing a large audience enabled her to fulfill her childhood wish. The family now has new house.

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