Sharp Corp.: 110 years of transforming lives

As the Japanese multinational firm, Sharp Corporation celebrates its 110 years in alleviating lives, the company introduced a new management system to realize transformation to give emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance and raise its social value and revitalize its brand for sustainable growth.

Its introduction of ESG shows the companies’ vision of providing better health, a sustainable environment, and innovative solutions for the people while providing a conducive environment to grow.

Sharp marked more than a century on 15 September, which was started when founder Tokuji Hayakawa established a metalworking shop in Tokyo in 1912.

Later he invented the “Ever Ready Sharp Pencil,” a twist-type mechanical pencil that would later become the origin of the corporate brand.

Sharp is a worldwide developer of innovative products and core technologies that play a key role in shaping the future of electronics, setting a business vision as “Changing the World with 8K+5G and AIoT (artificial intelligence and Internet of things.”

The 8K technology creates images that reveal a world beyond our everyday reality and gives birth to thrilling new discoveries, while 5G is the next generation of mobile data transmission.

With its significant advances in data transmission, speed, and capacity, it delivers ultra-low latency and multi-terminal connectivity.

Also, 5G expands communication potential to facilitate all-around connectivity between users and all manner of devices.

On the other hand, AIoT is Sharp’s unique synthesis of AI and IoT, a tactile and intuitive approach created through the application of cloud connectivity and AI to a full suite of familiar everyday appliances, transforming devices from useful tools to active partners in addressing the needs of individual households and society as a whole.

To achieve its vision, Sharp uses its three core brand businesses, Smart Life, 8K Ecosystem, and ICT, along with two device businesses, Display Devices and Electronic Devices that support them, in an integrated fashion in pursuit of “One Sharp” business.

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