Don’t deviate from plan A — MVP

Stick to plan A and never be afraid to fail, this was the advice of PLDT Group chairperson Manuel V Pangilinan during the Philippines’ first-ever hybrid joint 2022 National Public Relations Congress.

Bringing together PR and communications practitioners across different industries from the government, private sector, and development organizations, local and international students, the two-day PR Congress aimed to promote positive and responsible communications in the new normal.

Speaking before an onsite and virtual audience, PLDT Group Chairman MVP said, “My advice to the youth is this: if you think you are doing what’s right, then you should not be afraid. Don’t be afraid to fail because it’s better to fail quickly than not at all. It’s also better if you don’t have a plan B. Just have a plan A and stick to it. Focus on it and you will succeed.”

Pangilinan was joined by global industry experts and key opinion leaders who openly shared their time, knowledge, and expertise with the audience. Panel sessions on responsible communication as a way to fight disinformation, the use of data innovation in communication, PR and influencer marketing, public-private partnerships, opportunities in the PR field and a 5-year roadmap for the future of PR in the new normal, took place.

Future communicators

International students from the ASEAN PR Network, together with local students who joined virtually, eagerly asked the panel of leaders and experts for advice that can help contribute to their growth and development as future PR and communications practitioners.

Through thought leadership and with various sectors coming together to underscore the role of positive and responsible communications in nation -building, the 2022 National PR Congress aimed to empower the next generation of PR and communication practitioners to take part in this movement.

“Our joint congress aims to inspire as well as inform, encourage understanding and collective action from all stakeholders to use public relations for good. We are also here to listen to the youth, a key stakeholder, shaping our nation’s collective futures,” said 2022 National PR Congress chairperson Cathy Yang.

PLDT and Smart recognize the role of youth in building a better and smarter world highlighted in their various initiatives on education, livelihood, food security, digital wellness and disaster resilience.

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