Elizabeth II acted naturally

One could say Queen Elizabeth II was a natural in many things during her seven-decade reign as UK monarch.

Acting was one.

In the 2012 London Olympics, when she was 86, Elizabeth appeared in a short movie with James Bond star Daniel Craig.

The comedy sketch featured Craig arriving at Buckingham Palace to bring the Queen to the Olympics. The royal greeted him with the improvised line, “Good evening, Mr. Bond.”

In an interview, director Danny Boyle revealed Elizabeth requested she play the role herself instead of a double.

In 2016, she appeared in a video with grandson Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. In the video, he receives a message from then US President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama.

The couple said, “Remember when you told us to bring it to the Invictus Games? Be careful what you wish for.”

The Queen cheekily replied, “Oh really. Please.”

The last of Elizabeth’s cameos was with Paddington Bear this June in celebration of her Platinum Jubilee concert.

In the skit, the Queen and Paddington drink tea at Buckingham Palace. The two also discussed their common love for marmalade sandwiches.

Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, died in Balmoral Castle, Scotland on 8 September. She was 96.

She will be laid to rest on 19 September in a private ceremony at King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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