Local drag scene feted in photo campaign

The celebration of communities with unique stories is the inspiration for Portraits, a special visual storytelling series of Apple Premium Reseller Power Mac Center, created in collaboration with Filipino photographers showcasing the camera of the iPhone.

“Power Mac Center recognizes the power of the platform we are given, using the technology that we have, to put the spotlight on communities with important advocacies. We put this series together not only to lend a face and voice to our subjects, but to inspire our audience to use their talents, pursue their passions, and make their mark, with the help of their favorite Apple devices,” said Joey Alvarez, PMC director of Product Management and Marketing.

The communities

The episodes of Portraits juxtapose two extremes — the quiet calm of Masungi Georeserve’s conservationists against the unapologetically flamboyant drag queens of Butterboy Bakehouse. The contrast deliberately showcases the lengths to which iPhone photography stretches, effectively catering to every subject in between.

Featuring the fabulous drag queens Naia, Drag Race Philippines contestant Precious Paula Nicole, and Pura Luka Vega, the latest episode was shot on iPhone by photographer Cru Camara who has worked with international publications and global brands. It was set against the backdrop of Butterboy Bakehouse, which offers homemade croissants and entertaining performances during daylight drag or what they call as “drag brunch” and “meriendrag.”

Naia, Precious, and Pura Luka Vega use drag as an avenue to tell their stories and an artistic expression of their statements on issues that matter, especially to the LGBTQ+ community.

“What I love about drag is really the joy that I get out of it. I want people to have fun, but for me to do that, I need to be having fun on the stage as well. There’s something so amazing when you meet children or ‘yung mga ‘Titas of Manila’ who are very enthusiastic about seeing you, whether or not they fully understand drag,” said Naia in the series.​

Photographs courtesy of Cru Camara
Pura Luka Vega


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