Magalong slams PhilHealth move

BAGUIO CITY — Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong on Sunday blasted the move of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation to close down certain private hospitals here city due to violations, saying that doing it in such an arbitrary manner is unreasonable and inappropriate when there are other equitable courses of action available.

The Baguio City mayors stressed that it is arbitrary and unconscionable at this time when the city is still battling the pandemic and other health emergencies.

Magalong added that the city’s health care system needs all the help it can get as local hospitals do not only cater to residents from Baguio and the Cordilleras but also to patients from other regions resulting to shortage in hospital beds.

Apart from this, private hospitals are also beset with other problems that result to layoffs of doctors, nurses and medical technicians.

“A series of dialogues could have resolved the impasse, but to shut down hospitals at this time when Covid-19 is still very much around apart from dengue fever and other illnesses? It is plain inconsiderate,” Magalong said.

PhilHealth was said to have moved for the closure of private hospitals in the city for alleged violations on health coverage of senior citizens, among others.

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