Mad mouths

Only walls separate most townhouses. For two Quezon City neighbors, a wooden floor divides their homes as one family lives upstairs and the other, downstairs.

Up-and-down residences, however, may not be such a good idea, as what happened to Jenny Rose Sonon and Nur-in Sabdini from a recent report of the KMJS TV show. The floor kept the neighbors’ privacy, but was not enough to muffle the noises coming from each level.

Sonon got annoyed with frequent door slams, while Sabdini was bothered by the former’s noisy kids and husband, who allegedly talked loud at night when he was drunk. One day, the two mothers lost their cool and vented their anger at each other. Their shouting match videoed by another neighbor also saw Sabdini destroy a drum of water Sonon was using for washing clothes.

The barangay head summoned the two to settle their quarrel. They patched up and became friends again, according to KMJS.

A more annoying noise was experienced by residents of Barangay Aliwanay in Balamban town, Cebu.

The game at a nearby basketball court was unbearably noisy and players refused to heed the warning of residents to lower their voices.

On the afternoon of 6 September, the neighbors got back at their tormentors when “they played three-point shooting game where they and their spectators also placed a bet” for scores and missed shots, SunStar Cebu reported.

The residents reported them for illegal gambling to the Balamban Police Station and the cops soon raided the basketball court, arrested 11 players caught betting and seized their P290 bet money.

The detention of the noisy players and the steep P30,000 bail for each of them finally silenced them and gave the villagers their deserved peace.

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