Army reservists get refresher training

Around 400 aspiring Army reservists undertook combat readiness training from 17 to 18 September at the National Capital Region Community Defense Group headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Practical exercises on field stripping of M14 and M16 rifles and caliber 45 pistols were conducted, along with a rigorous physical fitness routine including “Army Dozen,” road runs, knot-tying, rappelling and map-reading exercises.

The Army cited the crucial role of the reservists in defending the State, protecting the people, and saving more lives during calamities and other disasters.

It said that the reserve units will serve as the expansion base for regular military forces in times of national emergencies, war, rebellion or invasion.

It added it will further enhance the competence and capabilities of reservists belonging to the basic citizen military training class.

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