Box your way to fitness

“After two long years, our Battle Ground is now open,” Jolo Estrada posted on his Instagram.

The actor and fitness enthusiast is part of the group that established Ultraboxx Boxing Club at Capitol Commons, Estancia, Pasig City.

“What a journey it has been for @ultra.boxx!” he added. “Couldn’t have done it without my partners…” referring to Har Lee, Ela Arellano-Lee, and Raymond Gutierrez.

Singaporean medalist and fitness guru Bryan Tay, who has co-founded other fitness studios, mentored and trained Ultraboxx’s roster of instructors.

The gym offers engaging, high-intensity full body workouts that get the heart pumping while also burning calories and increasing strength. Its Battle Ground is equipped with everything you need for an all-out boxing workout, including hype music and lights.

Ultraboxx is about helping build a better relationship with the body.

Adding regular boxing sessions to your fitness routine will help you lose weight, build muscle mass, enhance endurance, improve stability, and tone your body. But more than that, Ultraboxx is about helping you build a better relationship with your body.

A boxing workout will also help you weave, duck, and punch your way to a healthier and happier you. Boxing sessions can help relieve stress and everyday worries thanks to increased endorphin levels.

Boxing it out with Ultraboxx’s expert trainers also helps achieve balance, coordination, and agility. Each session includes a warm-up and a run-through of basic boxing moves before the actual workout begins, and a cool-down afterwards — all in one 50-minute class.

“An Ultraboxx workout combines high-impact cardio and high-intensity interval training. It’s also a great way to help relieve stress and improve mental focus,” Jolo said.

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