Navarro forcing Cornejo to show cards — Campañano

The petition for bail by comedian Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro is a strategy that would enable his camp to determine if the case against him is strong or weak, Daily Tribune columnist Atty. Alfred Campañano said Tuesday.

Interviewed in this paper’s morning show Gising Na!, Campañano said that if Navarro is granted bail by the Taguig City Regional Trial Court, then it would mean that the evidence of rape complainant Deniece Cornejo is not strong.

He, however, said the grant of bail does not mean that Cornejo would lose her case against Navarro. The model has a separate complaint for acts of lasciviousness against Navarro before the Taguig City Metropolitan Trial Court.

Both courts have issued warrants for the arrest of Navarro who, on Monday, surrendered to the National Bureau of Investigation.

“Remember, the petition for bail is separate from the trial proper itself so what will happen is that the judge will assess the evidence if he will grant or not the bail,” Campañano explained.

The petition for bail will also force prosecutors to show what pieces of evidence they have against Navarro, he added.

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