‘Memories of the Future’: Past, present styles merge

The past and future merged at the recent unveiling of young designer Ellis Co’s new collection of genderless, timeless pieces called “Memoirs of the Future” at Whitespace Manila.

Guests showed up in street couture of gray and black.

Photographs courtesy of Lorna Llanes |
Designer Ellis Co and model Wize Estabillo.

In attendance were the designer’s proud parents, Mylene and Zaldy Co, and Manila’s fashion forward set.

Gaita Fores served fine examples of molecular gastronomy.

The venue for the show combined elements of Brutalist architecture and urban settings, contrasted by lush greenery.

THE columnist and Jun Ablaza.

The show itself, directed by Frank Mamaril, went live and online, with music performed by The Manila String Machine.

Each of Co’s 44 pieces featured tailored separates that could be mixed-and-matched. Makeup artist Gery Penaso completed the look. All in all, an amazing show with much attention to detail.

The collection, along with Ellis’ new high-fashion streetwear label Archives, rocked.

The future of fashion is exciting with artists like Ellis. Cheers!

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