Bongbong’s UN speech a boost to Phl tourism

NEW YORK, USA — President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos’ address before the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly highlighted by his pledge of solidarity to the global crusade against carbon emission is a positive factor for the tourism sector’s recovery.

The Department of Tourism on 21 September expressed its support for the pronouncements made by the President, saying in a statement that it intends to use Mr. Marcos’ position as a guide in steering the country’s tourism industry towards recovery.

“President Marcos’ speech was an excellent representation of the Philippines’ geopolitical importance, historic relevance, and proactive and unifying perspective in terms of resolving the challenges of our time,” DoT Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco said.

Delivering his speech at the General Debate, President Marcos emphasized the UN’s instrumental role in addressing issues of international concern and identified four challenges to the continued survival of the global community which is climate change; rapidly transforming human life, and experience stemming from the development of advanced technologies; widening geopolitical polarities and sharpening strategic competitions; and inequalities and inequities within and among countries.

Solidarity emphasized

As he extended the Philippines’ commitment and cooperation with the UN member-states in meeting challenges with solutions, the President offered the country’s views on solidarity, sustainability, and science as tools. Marcos offered these capabilities of the country at the UN’s disposal.

According to Frasco: “We in the Department of Tourism are especially grateful that the President emphasized his administration’s support for building a robust and creative economy fueled by ‘no greater renewable resource than the creativity and innovation of our young,’ understanding ‘the value of harnessing our people’s talents.’

That the tourism secretary announced that the DoT will incorporate the “Filipino Brand” in the promotion and further development of the country’s tourism portfolio.

“The Filipino people are the Philippines’ most important treasure endowed with a rich and unique identity and endless talent, making the Filipino brand a formidable force around the world,” the tourism secretary added.

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