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Watches are essential to a modern man’s ensemble. However, strapping the right one on might not be as simple an affair as we have pegged them to be. While you could technically wear the same watch on a fancy dinner or an expedition trip, it’s important to have a few options. Dive into this article and learn a basic four-piece watch collection that will have you covered on any occasion!


Dress watch

Generally small, elegant, and aesthetically simple, this type of watch completes a formal attire. Given that they must fit beneath a long sleeve shirt, they are typically also very light and thin.

Apart from fancy dinners and nights at the opera, dress watches are versatile and can elevate whatever you’re wearing. Whether you’re in a power suit or a pair of jeans, strapping on a dress watch makes you all the more refined and sophisticated.


PHOTOGRAPH courtesy of unsplash/bence bella schotter
Aviator or Racing Watch.

Field watch

When you’re not out on a date on weekends, you’re probably out in the garage working on your car. For these types of activities that often do a beating, changing into a field watch is best, as they are built with resiliency and utility.

They have easy to read dials, fashioned from sturdy materials, and often have useful features. To top it off, the best field watches aren’t always the most expensive, meaning you can get a timepiece that serves you well without breaking the bank.


Dive watch

Who says you shouldn’t wear a watch to the beach? Wearing a dive watch is perfect for adventures especially those involving some splish-splash fun. They can withstand a substantial amount of water pressure, the corroding forces of moisture, and significant impact.

Aside from having a ton of utility, these watches feature a masculine and distinctly sporty look, putting them in our “must-have” list.

PHOTOGRAPH courtesy of unsplash/bence bella schotter
Aviator or Racing Watch.


Chronograph (Aviator or Racing Watch)

While the dress, diver, and field watches all cover wide ranges of events – a bolder, more daring chronograph watch shows off your personality a bit more.

There are several options for your chronograph: aviators often cover multiple time zones and are a complement for the jet-setter; race watches with a tachymeter could be more your style if you’re a motor-fiend.


Owning these four watches is guaranteed to make for an inclusive and impressive collection that will match your style and occasion. Remember, building your watch collection is like running a marathon, not a sprint. Of the four watches mentioned, start with the one that best suits your needs, then add another when your budget allows.


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