Anthony Taberna believes in preparing for the worst

As a media practitioner, Anthony Taberna, also known as Ka Tunying, knows the importance of being protected, more so when his family, career, and business were put to the test at the height of the pandemic.

This belief led Stronghold Insurance Company Inc. to take him in as its first celebrity endorser.

“Doon tayo sa #SubokNa,” said Taberna during the contract signing, emphasizing building a stronger service to more corporate clients and individuals for basic insurance protection.

Life’s challenges taught him two things: To be prepared and strong for the worst in any obstacle that life throws at him which aligns with the insurance firm’s belief.

Stronghold Insurance Company Inc. rose from humble beginnings and reached the pinnacle of success after the then Mabuhay Insurance & Guaranty Co. Inc. was established on 21 March 1960 as a wholly-owned Filipino non-life insurance company.

In March 2022, the Insurance Commission reported that Stronghold was the third highest paid-up capital among 57 non-life insurance companies.

Now with branches in key cities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, Stronghold aims to cover the Philippine market with excellent service and non-life insurance that guarantees the protection of their clients’ hard-earned investments.

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