Thank you, teachers

Teachers are the ones that serve as bridges, from one generation to the next.

While students have to brave multiple hurdles brought by the return of face-to-face classes, teachers are also fighting their own battles.

With this gradual resumption of in-person activities are challenges that teachers will have to adjust to be able to educate the next generation of Filipino learners.

Teachers have to brave the unknown to help students prepare for the future. They serve as bridges, from one generation to the next.

Unlike online classes, face-to-face teaching requires more preparation for teachers. There is no time and place for tardiness.

Teachers need to manage their time well. They must do so in order to maximize teaching students in the classroom, no matter how tiring it could be.

One challenge teachers have to face during physical classes is the workload. Unlike online classes, teachers would have to additionally print paper works, conduct in-person activities, discuss lessons, and talk with students who need assistance.

They all have to do these physically. Without them, learning for students will be even more challenging than it already is.

To make learning enjoyable and interesting, teachers also have to deal with duties that come outside their line of work.

There are situations that require their assistance in providing mental and emotional support for students.

It is no secret that teachers make additional sacrifices at their own cost to educate students. These make them our heroes.

Students should give enough appreciation to the efforts of teachers who are tirelessly educating and empowering them to be better citizens of tomorrow.

The countless sacrifices they make are not to be underestimated

Our teachers should be celebrated, with or without the pandemic.

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