To the animals — for a cause

Animal rights activism should have everybody’s attention.

To try to spark some serious conversations on the pressing issue, animal organizations turn to billboards that are put up anywhere or in places it can easily be seen.

A number of pro-animal groups have already done it: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals so far launched several of its billboards over the years that encourage the public to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle.

A PETA billboard calling the public to be vegetarian.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, an animal shelter in the UK, created an ad campaign that had dogs follow people from one billboard to another. The interactive advertisement aims to raise awareness on the benefits of animal adoption.

Premium dog food brand Jinx, meanwhile, teamed up with Target to launch an advertisement for its first brick-and-mortar venture. The said mini-billboards, created within eye-levels for our pets, are even scented for an added touch.

In the Philippines, Digital Out-Of-Home takes the lead in making advertising materials that pique the minds strategically located throughout the country. Visit


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