Grocery shopping online allows convenience

Filipinos have indeed embraced the digital lifestyle.

With e-Commerce becoming the norm for buying food, the pandemic initiated the idea of shopping online for groceries, with digital technology increasingly making its way into the grocers’ landscape.

Foodpanda has introduced pandamart, a convenient and hassle-free online grocery shopping app to avoid “the hustle and bustle of BER months.” The company said pandamart is not just your regular grocery delivery service but offers many advantages.

Widest selection of the freshest groceries

Offering all of your food and essential needs, pandamart has over 5,000+ items such as groceries, fresh produce, household items, beauty products and more from your trusted brands.

From snacks, beverages and fresh fruits and vegetables, to home care items, access all the freshness and assortment of everything you want and need to stock up your grocery shelves.

Fast delivery for those in a hurry

Time is of the essence whether you’re a busy parent or an always-on-the-go professional. For those looking for a fast and easy way to get your much-needed essentials, pandamart allows you to get a hold of your grocery items in as fast as 30 minutes — safely delivered to your doorstep by their Ka-panda delivery partners.

Sulit deals and vouchers

Who doesn’t want discounts? As savvy shoppers, we all like to take advantage of these special offers! With pandamart, sulit deals and vouchers are available daily. And sometimes, if you get lucky, they also offer free delivery.

Easy to stay within budget

Budgeting monthly can have us scratching our heads, especially with the rising cost of goods. Shopping at an online grocery platform like pandamart lets you easily track your total bill as you add them to your cart so you can check if you’re already over the budget.

Elevating your grocery shopping experience

Online grocery shopping has genuinely reached a whole new level of convenience. It’s a great way to deliver the goodies straight to your home. Not only can you use your valuable time elsewhere, but you can also save on gas, effort and much more.

According to foodpanda Philippines Director for New Verticals Karan Bhaskar, they are excited to improve and further expand to cater to more customers. “Our first goal is always to give the best because our customers deserve the best. We want to ensure that you get a top-notch and seamless grocery shopping experience — from the moment you shop in our app to the selectors who will get the selected items, up to the delivery itself,” Bhaskar said.

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