Good chew

Did you know dog treats have different functions depending on the need?

“Not all treats are the same. You can’t just give any treats to your dogs because dogs have different needs, and treats have different purposes,” Johnny Racoma, general manager of Mars Pet Nutrition Philippines, said.

As such, there are treats made to satisfy a dog’s hunger and those that address specific aspects of their health. So how do you choose the right treat for the right occasion?

Pet brand Pedigree has its DentaStix Chewy Chunx, a daily oral care treat that comes in a bite-sized format to help clean your dog’s teeth.

Another is its Pedigree Good Chew, a treat free from rawhide and is made from beef collagen. Its unique texture is soft enough to chew and is easily digestible for most.

According to studies, four out of five dogs have periodontal disease when they reach the age of three. Sadly, 90 percent of owners think their dog’s oral health is always good or perfect. Little do they know that small dog breeds are more susceptible to periodontal disease due to the structure of their mouth.

SMALLER dog breeds are more prone to periodontal disease.

“We should remember that as much as we treat our pets like babies, pets have different needs from humans. All ingredients found in treats must be tested safe for pet,” added Dr. Saza Curaming, veterinarian and Scientific Communication manager for MARS Philippines.

Pet owners must make it a habit to take a look at ingredients on the package to ensure what their pets are eating is healthy and does not contain any harmful additives. Neglecting your pet’s health can lead to more serious diseases.

Check Pedigree DentaStix Chewy Chunx and Pedigree Good Chew at your nearest pet shop, supermarket, convenient store, hardware chain or at Shopee and Lazada.

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