Redemption at hand

This recent trip of President Bongbong Marcos to the United States is really significant and, I daresay, groundbreaking.

Groundbreaking because, to my mind, this journey has demystified a lot of international misconception about PBBM, and his decorum speaks volumes of how he is as head of state.

And not just his decorum, but also his eloquence and clear grasp of issues clearly have impressed his fellow world leaders.

Like many of us Filipinos, perhaps they are now seeing the Marcos surname in an altogether different and new light.

They are probably now at that stage of wanting to know more, and this augurs well, not just for PBBM, but for the country in general.

It’s really an impressive show of force, and by that, I mean a show of refreshing statesmanship that will enable our country to be appreciated more.

For one, that bilateral meeting with the President of the United States, or POTUS Joe Biden, is a watershed moment because it is an acknowledgement of how important we are in geopolitics, which I believe PBBM knows very well on how he will navigate it.

After which came that pivot to Russia on the need to enhance relations, especially in economic development and assistance.

That was a masterstroke in foreign affairs, as it illustrates so convincingly the Marcos administration’s policy of “friend to all and enemy to none.”

It is also a clear display of strategic leverage, which we do have, given how important we are in between the US-China battle for hegemony, and how we stand on issues, such as those in the South China Sea conflict among nations and that brewing concern in Taiwan.

There is also the issue of human rights and how much of the European Community’s disdain toward the previous administration have somehow been dissipated by PBBM’s assurance of upholding human rights in addressing the prevailing social ills.

Indeed, PBBM’s US sojourn has created a perception of statesmanship and articulacy in the international arena that has sorely been lacking in the past two administrations.

More than that, it has paved the way for the real cleansing of the Marcos name, and perhaps the eventual erasure of the taint and stigma of tyranny, abuse of power and corruption.

It has been a long time coming, but now that it has begun, what PBBM needs now is to ensure to play well that leverage and the overwhelming mandate that he owns.

He has everything going for him at this point, even as there are still noise and nuisance from a weak, discredited, but still well-funded opposition.

At the end of the day, he has to really be smart and be so discerning if he really wants redemption for his family name, and true development and progress for his nation.

Mark my word.

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