Pension pursuit

One is never too old to get married. Carl Hammer and Reva Truitt tied the knot at the tender age of 97 and 95, respectively, on 18 June.

The senior couple’s simple wedding ceremony in Sacramento, California was held at The Village at Heritage Park Senior Living Community where the widower and widow live and fell in love, KCRA 3 reported.

The two became close after sitting together during happy hour and dated for five months before deciding to get married, according to Truitt.

Duli Chand of Haryana, India also decided to be a groom early this month.

Chand arrived at a government office in a horse-drawn carriage wearing a full wedding garb and accompanied by a brass band, Agence France-Presse reported.

Activist Naveen Jaihind helped arrange the man’s wedding procession that he and others, including the media, joined.

It was a way to get some much-needed attention and action, Jaihind said of the event, according to AFP.

When Chand arrived at the government house, the first words he said was, “I am alive!”

The statement, and his presence, were intended to prove that he is not dead.

“My old-age pension was stopped in March as the government records show that I am dead,” Chand said, according to AFP. “I’ve since been trying in vain to prove that I am still alive.”

“Together, we approached different offices and held a press conference but to no avail,” Jaihind told AFP.

The wedding outfit and procession of Chand proved the government wrong in believing that the 102-year-old man was already dead and not entitled to pension.

The stunt seemed effective as Jaihind has since received phone calls from about three dozen people across Haryana facing a similar situation after Chand’s procession video went viral on social media.

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