PNP eyes reliable coms during disasters

The Philippine National Police Directorate for Information and Communication Technology and Management is pushing for a more reliable communication line in times of typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

PNP-DICTM director P/Maj. Gen. Valeriano de Leon stressed that a reliable communication line will ensure strong coordination among police units for disaster response and solid flow of orders and interoperability from the National Headquarters at Camp Crame in Quezon City down to the police stations.

He said that on the ground, PNP officers are among the first responders in emergency situations.

“From pre-disaster preparations, such as preemptive evacuations, to post-disaster reaction, such as search and rescue and aid distribution, our people on the ground are frequently called upon to assist,” De Leon said.

“It is therefore important that we have a reliable communication line so that whatever happens on the ground can easily reach the higher-ups for immediate guidance and response,” he added.

The PNP official said that based on past experiences with typhoons and earthquakes, the necessary responses are usually delayed once the communication lines from telecom companies are damaged.

He also explained that time is an essential element in disaster response since lives are usually at stake and having a reliable communication line even in times of disaster is integral to the disaster response and in maintaining peace and order across the country.

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