When parents are teachers, too

Parents are considered their children’s first teachers.

They are the immediate experienced adults to guide and help them through life until they are ready to play their part in society. The same goes for teachers who are helping students foster their skills while encouraging them to reach for their dreams.

Exploration is made easier for a child whose parents are also teachers. They have further experience in being involved with children’s education and can be engaged in their child’s learning experience, too. They can apply their teaching skills in helping them become more confident in learning and doing schoolwork.

Learning does not stop when one finishes school. The lessons taught by teachers are just a portion of what we find out there once we have graduated. We need a mindset that will make us determined to learn more even when we are no longer studying. This way of thinking can be manifested easily at a young age. When children learn from such experiences, they are able to live their lives to the fullest.

Parents serve as models whom children can look up to even when they are already working professionals. They serve as inspiration to their children to continue on with life for the better.

Indeed, you’re lucky like me when your parents are teachers, too.

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