Davao solon blast ‘unfounded’ LTO allegations

Davao City First District Representative Paolo Duterte took a swipe on 1-Rider Partylist Representative Bonifacio Bosita for his statement regarding the legality of the apprehension of top box owners in Davao City.

The Davao lawmaker stressed that while he understand his fellow lawmaker’s concern, it is clearly misplaced.

“As a former law enforcer himself, he of all people should know that the Land Transportation Office, like all other law enforcers, is tasked to uphold the law. In view thereof, should there be a clear violation of the law, law enforcers are tasked to make apprehensions if necessary,” said Duterte.

This comes after Bosita singled out LTO Davao for the apprehensions of top box owners in the city.

Duterte said that Bosita already pointed out that there was indeed basis in the apprehensions made by LTO Davao in the form of the 15 March 2016 Memorandum signed by former Asec. Atty Roberto Cabrera III.

“As a matter of fact, Col. Bosita specifically mentioned in his privilege statement that he is favorable to the inspection and registration of the said top boxes. I therefore see no reason why Col. Bosita has to single out LTO Davao where in fact, he himself has acknowledged their authority to make the said apprehension,” said Duterte

“In Davao City, we take pride on the fact that citizens thereof are strict law abiders and the law enforcers enforce the law to the letter as well as the intentions of the framers thereof. I take offense therefore in Col Bosita’s unfounded and clearly malicious intention of his privilege statement as it is obviously meant to smear the name of the traffic enforcers of Davao City,” he added.

“May I remind Col. Bosita that the said memorandum is meant to be enforced not only by LTO but also other enforcers of traffic rules,” said Duterte.

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