Digital learning seen offsetting Covid handicap

A federation of private schools on Tuesday called on the government to keep an open mind on the global educational landscape handicapped by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“When you say global educational landscape, it refers to what’s happening around the globe — what are the plans and what are the best practices to avoid this educational crisis,” Dr. Ray Adalem,
Secretary General of the Federation of Associations of Private Schools Administrators, told this reporter in a phone interview.

Adalem, also the president of Caloocan Private School Association, noted that digital learning is one of the solutions to address the country’s educational crisis.

“When we talk about digital learning, it’s about Internet connectivity — that’s where the TV White Space comes in now,” he said.

He explained that Internet data has two networks or highways, either through telcos and cell sites and the other one through broadcast bandwidths.

“Now, this TV White Space emerged because its bandwidth is free. This is exclusively used for emergencies and for other relevant government purposes,” Adalem said.

“We appeal to the government to allow all Filipinos to use TV White Space so that schools should have access to Internet,” he added.

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