How ’bout donuts with bibingka, bulgogi, or milk tea?

Just when you think you’ve tried all sorts of flavors of doughnuts and nothing can surprise you anymore, you come across mind-blowing flavors that totally sweep you off your feet because, well, they actually work.

Amylase Sourdough Doughnuts, an online shop for premium doughnuts, has come up with some of the most unique and exciting doughnut flavors ever, and they are both sweet and sour creations by pastry genius, chef Kris Edison Tan using sourdough brioche as doughnut base.

Chocnut Dark Chocolate Doughnut.

“Our doughnut base is sourdough brioche because we want our clients to be healthy. Sourdough brioche is more digestible than commercial ones available in the market, and since we already have a good base, we decided we’d offer our clients unique flavors to go with it,” explains chef Kris, who is also the brains behind Masa Madre Bakehouse.

One of the most unique and delicious offerings of Amylase is Bibingka Doughnut. Mimicking the flavor of the favorite Filipino rice cake, this doughnut comes with custard cream and salted egg inside, crowned by torched cheese that accounts for that delightfully “burnt” flavor of bibingka.

Thai Milk Tea Cream Cheese Doughnut.

Another very interesting doughnut is Bulgogi Doughnut. A Korean-inspired savory creation that works wonders on the palate. It is filled with garlic mayo, gochujang, and topped with charred cheddar cheese with marinated beef bulgogi.

Just recently, chef Kris scored another big hit when Amylase introduced two new milk tea-flavored doughnuts — Okinawa Cream Cheese and Thai Milk Tea Cream Cheese. The first one has Okinawa crean-flavored custard for its filling and bobba pearls drizzled with cream cheese, and the latter is filled with Thai milk tea flavored custard, with cream cheese and bobba pearls on top. The bobba pearls — or black sago — on top of both doughnuts introduce a “gummy” feel to the mouth.

Okinawa Cream Cheese Doughnut.

The addition of these two milk tea-flavored doughnuts brings to 14 the total number of doughnut flavors that Amylase offers. These are sold in boxes of six pieces each for delivery every Friday and Sunday. The choices are The OG Box at P380, Regular Box at P420, and Premium Box at P450 per box.

The OG Box consists of six original glazed donuts.

Bibingka Doughnut.

The Regular Box is made up of OG Donut, Matcha and Red Bean, Chocnut Dark Chocolate, Pork Floss, Lemon Cheesecake, and Maple Bacon.

The Premium Box contains Bibingka, Bulgogi, Kopi Almond, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Banana Hazelnut, and Trio Quezo.

Photographs by Dolly Dy-Zulueta for the Daily Tribune
Bulgogi Doughnut.

To order, visit the Facebook and Instagram pages (@amylasesourdoughnuts).

And, oh, if you’re wondering why the doughnut store is called Amylase, it is because an amylase is an enzyme or starch that turns into sugar.

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