Kalinga pushing LGU digitalization

BAGUIO CITY — The provincial government of Kalinga is encouraging its employees to familiarize themselves with the demands of going digital in the performance of their tasks as public servants.

Kalinga Governor James Edduba said that going digital is “no longer an option” but a necessary path to take in order for the provincial government to provide better services to the public.

In line with this, the provincial government and the Department of Information and Communications Technology started the four-day training on Government Web Template Creation and Designing with Training on Cyber Security and Data Privacy.

Edduba said the training aims to bring services closer to the people by integrating Information Communications and Technology to all local government transactions for transparency, accountability and ease of doing business.

The training also targets to provide two designated Information Technologists/Computer Maintenance Technicians or Information Officers per local government unit with skills and knowledge on government template websites.

By the end of the training, it is expected that the LGU will be able to craft their own sites where people around the world may able to reach and see their LGU operations, services, tourism destinations and other city and municipal assets.

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