Marcos vows to remain open with media

President Bongbong Marcos on Wednesday vowed to “remain open” with the media, recognizing its crucial role in keeping the public informed.

“For all our visions and aspirations, I underscore the crucial role of the press in building an active citizenry — one that contributes to the development of our society. The nation counts on the media in improving access to information and increasing awareness on issues that affect our country and the world,” Marcos said in his speech at the Manila Overseas Press Club’s (MOPC) President’s Night at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila in Pasay City.

“Your proactive participation in keeping a well-informed citizenry forms part of our collective goal to empower Filipinos and establish a more robust Philippines…I could not share all our plans for the next six years but I will stand here and I will say that you may rest assured that we will continue to articulate our plans with the members of the media… I committed to remaining open with you.”

Marcos said the government’s partnership with the media is another partnership that his administration “must continue to strengthen.”

“This is another partnership that we must continue to strengthen. It is the job of media practitioners to not only analyze, to not only give their opinion but to also inform and let our people know what the government is doing and how it will help their lives,” he said.

“Under my lead, we will support and protect the rights of the media as they efficiently perform their duty. Whatever difficulties we may encounter from this point on, the government will always be ready to lend an ear and to listen to your concerns and to answer all that you may want to know.”

The Chief Executive served as the guest of honor and speaker of the event, where around 400 top media professionals attended.

MOPC is founded in 1945 by foreign correspondents who arrived in the Philippines with General Douglas MacArthur.

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