Barbie Hsu and Koo: Love reborn

Barbie Hsu and her ex-boyfriend of 20 years ago and now Korean musician husband DJ Koo prove that love is sweeter the second time around.

After 20 years of not being together, Koo reunited with Hsu after her divorce from her ex-husband.

In their first photo shoot as a couple with Vogue Taiwan for the magazine’s October cover issue, the couple, now into their seventh month of marriage, opened up about their love for each other.

“I wanted to pretend that I was cool with it, but I truly regretted it,” Koo said about the breakup two decades ago. “No one was better than Barbie, and although we broke up 20 years ago, the feelings were still there. This woman was perfect, and one that I desired in my heart.”

“I knew that she was married and I wished her to be happy forever. But then the god of fortune shone on me, and I was given a chance again,” he added.

Hsu revealed that after their breakup, she almost decided to quit showbiz.

“I really wanted to quit showbiz. I thought that I couldn’t freely associate with him because of showbiz, and it made me hate the job,” she said.

But she only took a three-month leave to London to take a breather and decided to move forward in her life and career.

After her divorce from ex-husband Wang Xiaofei, she found herself resuming the connection with Koo.

“I originally asked him if we could be friends (after the breakup), but he said it would be better not to be in contact anymore. He was so calm even after the breakup that it made me heartbroken at the time. So I never thought he would call me again 20 years later,” said Hsu.

“After chatting for several weeks, we started using video chats, and I remember the first sentence I said when I saw him was, ‘Ou Ba, you’re getting so old!’ And he replied, ‘You haven’t changed at all.’”

They registered their marriage in March this year after deciding to go for it over a phone call, along with their unconventional choice for wedding rings: Tattoos.

The 45-year-old Taiwanese singer and actress cannot hide her happiness over her newlywed life in Taiwan.

“After meeting Ou Ba, everything was different,” Hsu said. “Sometimes, when I go to bed in the middle of the night, I think, am I dreaming? But I only need to touch his bald head to know this is real.”

“That’s because I want to be anchored in Taiwan, where Barbie is my home,” said Koo in response. “The god of fortune must be standing by me that she is back with me again. I am truly grateful.”

“Thank you for accepting me after 20 years. For the rest of our lives together, our days will be happy and healthy. I will be by your side, protecting you, loving you, cherishing you. I love you, Barbie,” Koo added.

“I’m the happiest person in the world!”

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