BoC’s P79-B take exceeds target

The Bureau of Customs said on Wednesday that it collected a total of P79.5 billion or 28.4 percent over its revenue target for September.

With strict implementation of border control measures, BoC Commissioner Yogi Filemon Ruiz has been pushing the agency to plug revenue leakages and strengthen the nation’s trade facilitation and revenue collection performance.

The BoC’s P79.5 billion collection beats its September target by 28.4 percent, or P17.6 billion. This represents a P21.9 billion increase in revenues and a 38.1 percent in collection efficiency.

Clip sustained

The Bureau continues to sustain its positive performance throughout 2022 as it has already collected P638.7B in total revenues, 17.8% above its target for the months of January to September. The figure indicates a P168.9 billion — or 35.9 — percent — increase in collection compared to figures during a similar period in 2021.

Meanwhile, the BoC Commissioner continues to drive all BoC offices and Collection Districts to sustain the Bureau’s exceptional performance this year by taking advantage of Its modernization programs and enhanced reform initiatives aligned with the new Marcos administration’s 8-point Socio-Economic program.

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