CHR conducting independent investigation on the killing of Percy Lapid

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is currently conducting an investigation on the killing of veteran broadcaster Percival Mabasa also known as Percy Lapid, in Las Piñas City last Monday.

It is said that Mabasa, who hosts ‘Lapid Fire’ on DWBL 1242, was on his way to the radio news program when he was gunned down by two unidentified armed suspects.

CHR stands with the media community in denouncing this violent crime and violation of the right to life. Journalists are essential in upholding democracy and demanding accountability in any society.

“We have also repeatedly underscored the crucial need to ensure a safe and unimpaired media environment in order to amplify the voices of the most marginalised sectors and to foster balance in communicating the nation’s state of affairs,” according to CHR’s statement.

The commission also urge government, particularly the law enforcement officers, to bring the perpetrators to account.

“Journalists, who primarily responsible for informing the Filipino citizenry of critical information, must be able to work without fear. Any threat or attack to press freedom is a direct threat to people’s right to truth and information. Similarly, allowing multiple diverging views to flourish is an important facet of a working democracy and, thus, needs to be protected,” the commission added.

They also call on the public to advocate for the importance of journalism in maintaining peace, cultivating unity, and advocating justice for all.

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