Developers group supports 1 million annual housing target

The Subdivision and Housing Developers Association is fully supporting the government’s goal of building one million houses per year to resolve the housing problem during President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s term.

Introducing the “Pambansang Pabahay Para sa Pilipino” (National Housing for Filipinos) program,’ the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development seeks to address the 6.5 million housing backlogs as well as the two major bottlenecks of affordability and access to funds for housing.

SHDA President May Rodriguez expressed full support for the president’s directive to the housing sector.

During the 30th National Developers Convention, the SHDA in partnership with the DHSUD, gather in an annual housing convention of more than 300 stakeholders who will be the key players in the government’s push for an accessible, affordable, and inclusive national housing program.

Bringing together the national government, local government units, and the private housing developers in support of the local communities, Rodriguez noted the gathering would outline the country’s future directions and policies in the housing industry.

“This will mean huge things for housing developers and new areas of synergy between the private sector, the national government, local government units and local communities,” Rodriguez said.

More affordable

The “Pambansang Pabahay Para sa Pilipino” program may urge partner LGUs to provide flexible financing options with a preferential interest rate of only 1 percent to make the housing units more affordable for low-income and minimum-wage earners.

DHSUD Assistant Secretary for Support System, Avelino Tolentino about six million housing units will be built throughout Marcos’ six-year presidency.

He added this will further increase the beneficiaries’ “affordability level” and the building of houses will no longer be dependent on General Appropriations Act.


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