Mabasa slay probe intensified

Deputy director for Operation of Southern Police District P/Col. Restituto Arcangel disclosed on Wednesday that they are already focusing on the persons of interest that were seen on CCTV footages on the night of the incident at Las Piñas City.

Arcangel — in an exclusive interview with Daily Tribune’s online morning show Gising Na! — disclosed that they are now focusing on the possibility that the identities of the suspects for the death of radio broadcaster Percival Mabasa, more popularly known as Percy Lapid can be identified based on CCTV footages.

The SPD official — who also heads the task force SITG Lapid — however, stressed that while they don’t have a clear identity of the suspects, the route where the victim took are now being accounted for and they are searching CCTV footages that may have caught clear images of the suspects.

Based on investigations, the radio broadcaster was approaching the gate of the BF Research Village that is about 50 meters away but was held up by traffic when the still unidentified gunmen closed in on him.

“There were cars in front of him, so it appears that there was a little traffic because the guards normally check the cars entering the village, so the victim’s car stopped and that’s when the shooting incident happened,” Arcangel said.

“When he was hit, he lost control of his car because it was in automatic drive so he kept moving forward until he crashed into the gate,” he added.

He stressed that they have been perusing CCTV footages until the wee hours of the morning.

“In fact I was with them until dawn surveying the area and checking the CCTVs,” said Arcangel, adding that aside from a witness’ statement, they are also reaching out to the family of Mabasa.

Arcangel is also urging friends of the radio broadcaster to come forward if they have information regarding the motive behind Mabasa’s slay.

Meantime, the Commission on Human Rights is also conducting its independent investigation on the killing of Mabasa, adding that it stands with the media community in denouncing the violent crime and violation of the right to life as journalists are essential in upholding democracy and demanding accountability in any society.

With Cherk Balagtas

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