Not a bad 100 days after all (2)

President Ferdinand“Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is back. The euphoria over his successful foray into the US was short-lived when super typhoon “Karding” hit Central Luzon. The strength of category 5 howler, however, miraculously diminished but some freak accident happened. Five rescuers lost their lives while in the rescue missions. Sad. Marcos was on the scene of devastation but black propagandists never lost time in posting on Facebook “Nasaan ang Pangulo?”.

Typhoon “Karding” is out of the Philippines’ area of responsibility. If the nation celebrates the successes of President Marcos’s visits to Indonesia and the USA another development is happening.

China is ready to implement its blueprint for cooperation with the Philippines as both countries usher in a “new golden era” of bilateral relations. The declaration was aired by the Chinese Ambassador to Manila Huang Xilian.

I personally expect a bonanza will emerge from this engagement. Revisionists cannot expunge the fact that the Philippines established diplomatic relations with China under the leadership of Chairman Mao. Imelda Marcos, the First Lady then, initiated the ties.

Despite disputes over territories that are subject to multi-lateral claims, China had sustained a relationship with the Philippines beyond the territorial wranglings.

President Marcos has indeed managed to bring his first 100 days in office back to a solid footing to face the challenges and opportunities ahead of his administration.

He has replaced Victor Rodriguez with former Supreme Court Justice Lucas Bersamin as Executive Secretary. But VR managed to sign his own appointment as Chief of Staff.

Legal Adviser Juan Ponce Enrile, however, issued a memo to the President stressing that the position is redundant to the Executive Secretary’s post.

I don’t think that ES Bersamin is comfortable with Vic Rodriguez hanging around so the next test for the President is whether he will recall the man who almost squandered his first 100 days in office. If he does, will Enrile and Bersamin hold on to their office for the next 100 days?

As the captain of the ship sailing in rough waters in Bongbong, the President must flush out the rats. Remember, even the “unsinkable” Titanic sunk when the ship captain ignored several warnings that there were icebergs scattered along its course.

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