Time for a skin analysis

For someone who isn’t quite religious with her skincare routine, I was surprised to find that I marked green, and only one yellow line, on Kiehl’s skin assessment machine recently.

This latest machine performs a derm-grade skin analysis which is similar in how it is used to the equipment used by eye doctors.

The derm-grade skin analysis machine uses advanced skin imaging technology that can capture and show the deeper parts of the skin.

Skin analysis showed that this writer is prone to wrinkles and fine lines.

While my analysis was quite good, I was on the brink of hitting the yellow mark for the Emerging Brown Spots aspect and the machine showed where these blemishes specifically are on my face.

According to Kiehl’s representative who worked the machine on me, brown spots are caused by too much exposure to the sun and not using sunscreen. Although sunscreens are included in my routine, I guess it was still not enough.

Kiehl’s products that the dermatologist recommended.

I did, however, hit the yellow mark on the Wrinkles and Fine Lines part of the test which I wasn’t surprised about because it’s always something I noticed as well. It could also be that I’m not one to drink a lot of water.

After the analysis that indicated the problematic aspects of my face, Dr. Chesca Sy-Alvarado recommended the brand’s Clearly Corrective Lightening and Exfoliating Daily Cleanser for my clogged pores, the Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen to address the emerging brown spots, and the highly-acclaimed Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum because I also told her I suffer from milia and texture.

It’s important to know the condition of your skin not just for aesthetics, but also for its overall health.

The Emerging Brown Spot finding on my face, for example, means I have had too much sun exposure without protection. This can lead to the rapid aging of the skin or, on a more serious note, skin cancer.
For those who wish to know more about their skin, Kiehl’s offers free derma consultations to help consumers discover healthy skin solutions in-store or online. However, make sure to talk to a certified dermatologist for the right products to address these problems.

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