Budding sexy star says no to disrobing onscreen

Aubrey Caraan has the looks of a budding sexy star. But the 24-year-old actor/singer has been turning down offers, even from her own management, Viva, for her to go that route.

She has appeared in a Vivamax romcom, Darryl Yap’s Ang Manananggal na Nahahati ang Puso. But at present, she’s content playing the daughter of Dina Bonnevie on the new TV5 sitcom Kalye Kweens which began airing on 1 October.

The show’s other titular “queen” is Alma Moreno.

Bonnevie and Moreno portray community leaders who clash over the problem of their neighboring subdivisions sharing a common access road.

Caraan is a native of Batangas. At a recent media conference for Kalye Kweens, Caraan explained it is not her being a Batangueña that influences her decision not to take off her clothes and do sex scenes onscreen.

“It’s just that I don’t feel a need for it,” she said.

Photograph courtesy of fb/Aubrey Caraan
actor-singer Aubrey Caraan.

“Bardagulan” (Tagalog slang for engaging in nasty arguments and confrontations) will spice up Kalye Kweens since it has several comedians in the cast, including Giselle Sanchez and Marissa Sanchez.

Vito Marquez — Moreno’s real-life son by Joey Marquez, is also in the cast as her character’s son — plays Caraan’s love interest.

There’s another young singer-actor in the cast: Lyca Gairanod, who plays Bonnevie’s daughter.

Gairanod, likewise a Viva talent, is just turning 18 and is fond of wearing sexy outfits. Viva may encourage her to join its roster of daring actors.

The latest Viva talents to disrobe are Diego Loyzaga and Pinoy Big Brother contestant, New Zealander-Pinay Franki Russell. They are cast in Vivamax’s Pabuya, which began streaming on 7 October.

Other Viva actors who romp in bed in Pabuya are Jela Cuenca and Felix Roco.

Directed by Phil Giordano, Pabuya is about friends and lovers betraying each other to get the reward money for the capture of a wanted criminal.

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