SB Peso Bond Fund named 2022 Best Managed Fund

The Chartered Financial Analyst Society Philippines once again recognized TAMG’s SB Peso Bond Fund as the Best Managed Fund for the long-term Peso Bond Fund Category which was announced during the CFA Society Philippines’ 2022 Best Managed Fund Awards.

The focus of the awards was to review the performance and consistency of funds based on each financial institution’s submission of investment information and fact sheets. The SB Peso Bond Fund was acknowledged for being able to deliver the highest risk-adjusted returns compared to other funds (both UITFs and Mutual Funds) in the same long-term Peso Bond Fund category.

The goal of the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of the Philippines in giving the fund of the year awards is to put investors first. We put investors first by awarding funds that provided the best risk-based returns on a consistent basis over a five-year period.

“This performance and consistency are important for investors who put their hard-earned money in the hands of their fund managers for their future,” said Dr. Robert B. Ramos, CFA, CIPM, CAIA, president and chairman of CFA Society Philippines.

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