Poverty or prosperity?

Dear Editor,

Millions of bettors are glued to their television or mobile phone screens, awaiting Lotto results every day. They pray for a “miracle” instead of focusing on livelihood for themselves and their families.

Amid the controversy surrounding the Grand Lotto jackpot prize of P236 million which was won by 433 bettors, a man admitted to having gone broke due to his lotto addiction.

He regretted all the money he spent on lotto bets that could have bought a house and lot for his family.

Truth be told, gambling results in poverty, not prosperity. Gambling creates social problems that outweigh the benefits of job creation and tax revenues.

Instead of using the bet money for food, people are duped into placing their bets on gambling in the hope that they will become millionaires in an instant and need not work for the rest of their lives.

It brings us to the question: Who are the sure lotto winners who need not shell out a single peso bet from their own pocket? Probably these are corrupt and soul-less officials.

While winners are drawn close to God in gratitude for their winnings, losers’ faith in the Lord is eroded, blaming Him for not giving them a taste of luck, not even a consolation prize, despite many years of spending money for lotto tickets.

How can gambling be good for the economy, much less for the lives and families of the people?

Reni M. Valenzuela

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