Slay of a former vice mayor 2 others, condemned by the CHR

The Commission on Human Rights strongly condemns the killing of former Dipaculao, Aurora vice mayor and former board member of Aurora’s second district, Engineer Narciso Amansec, who was ambushed last Monday, 3 October 2022, in Barangay Dibutunan.

His wife, Merlina Amansec, and their driver, Leonard Talosa, also suffered fatal gunshots which led to their demise.

CHR has already dispatched a Quick Response Operation to independently investigate the case to help pursue the justice for the victims.

“We similarly note the immediate action of the Dipaculao town police in probing the incident, with hopes that the heightened attention on this case will eventually find the perpetrators so they may be held to account,” according to the commission’s statement.

“In a society that respects human rights and dignity, killings and other transgressions against human life have no place. Let us continue to resist normalising violence and start inculcating once again a culture that puts primacy to human life and rights,” the commission added.

CHR extends its condolences to the family and loved ones of the former vice mayor and his wife, as well as those left by Talosa.

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