Young investors making it big via online trading

Online trading comes with its own risks but it also bears high potential rewards if you get serious with your trade. Young investors with the commitment, discipline and passion to become successful traders are among those who have enriched their lives with the many opportunities that come with trading forex, gold, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and other instruments.

Trader at age 11

Anthony Cariaga, 24 years old, from Bulacan, started trading when he was 11. For him, trading forex was a way to gain additional money, especially since he loved saving. It helps that his mother is a trading coach at SmarTrade, a training and consultancy company that offers free learning sessions and coaching on how to trade.

Cariaga also found a reliable broker with ATFX, SmarTrade’s global partner broker.

“One thing I learned is that there is no such thing as 100 percent accuracy in trading. However, with ATFX support and resistance indicator and calculator, I am given a signal on when to buy and sell, which is 70 to 80 percent accurate. I am comfortable with those odds,” Cariaga said.

“Also, always upskilling myself through SmarTrade’s learning sessions taught me how to manage my capital by means of calculating the maximum trade exposure that suits my risk appetite. This, I think, is very important for a trader,” he added.

The “Whiz Kid”

Meantime, 19-year-old Davaoeño Joseph Lejarde started trading at 15 to help his family. The “Whiz Kid,” as he is fondly called, trades forex, commodities, stock CFDs, and crypto.

“Trading has helped me support my brother’s medical needs, support my mother because she is already a PWD, and my father who also takes maintenance. It also allows me to share the blessings with others and help more people,” Lejarde said.

“Since I stumbled upon SmarTrade in 2019, my confidence in trading has grown. Before, I was reckless, with no discipline in trading, but now through SmarTrade, I learned to be disciplined, calm, optimistic, and passionate about forex trading,” he added.

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