Beer talk

Filipinos love to drink.

Every occasion, be it a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a town fiesta, or just a simple gathering of friends, gets livelier when alcoholic drinks are served.

The most preferred kind of drink in most of these events is beer.

Aside from the established brands, here’s a sample of new ones called craft beers that have become favorites of Pinoy beer drinkers.

photograph courtesy
of ig/engkanto


As its website claims: “Our name comes from the enchanted spirit of our ancestors. We believe that when beer drinkers are presented with better quality, they adopt better quality. With our customers and fans, Engkanto is creating a craft beer community. Some might call it a craft revolution.”

photograph courtesy of ig/monkey eagle ph

Monkey Eagle

“Our goal is simple; to create world

-class beers made by Filipinos, dedicated to Filipinos, yet enjoyed by all. Gaining enough knowledge and experience from our studies and travels, the 15-hectoliter brewery in Tagaytay was built in 2016; outfitted with the best German-made brewing equipment. Since then, Monkey Eagle Brewery has been producing craft beers of the highest quality, using the finest ingredients while ensuring the best sanitation practices in brewing.”

photograph courtesy
of ig/crows


“Crows expresses its craft philosophy by creating beverages reflective of its own personality with no compromise to quality. It prides itself on staying small, local and with a constant pursuit for excellence. Nothing fuels Crows more than the passion behind the creation of each artisanal beverage.”

photograph courtesy of ig/crazy carabao

Crazy Carabao

“Created to serve Filipinos with excellent, handcrafted beer. A brew that will provide a choice from commercial and imported beers. The Crazy Carabao Brewery in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is equipped with a state-of-the-art, 20-hecto-liter brewing system that enables the company to produce 2,000 liters of rich, well crafted, FDA-certified, premium Craft Beer per batch. Each batch is meticulously handled and brewed carefully and consistently while employing only the best and most qualified techniques to our array of brewing methods.”

photograph courtesy of ig/nipa brew

Nipa Brew

“We’re all for adventure, daring to find new flavors and new experiences in life and in beer. We’re tired of the same day-in, day-out routine, the same beer our grandfathers have been drinking for decades. It’s time to break away from that tradition and start our own. Life is about exploration, discovery and adventure, and we invite you to join us on this craft beer journey.”

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