Open up moto taxi business

The motorcycle taxi industry should be opened for multiple companies instead of the current three rivals to maximize benefits to commuters.

On the three accredited firms, Move It, said the motorcycle taxi sector should have a free and open competition to basically lower fares.

“Limiting the MC taxi business to three benefits only us — Angkas, Joyride and Move It — and not the public”, Francis Juan, Move It chairman, said.

Competition is guaranteed by the Constitution “and there is a solid reason for it: it protects consumers from monopolies and duopolies and cartels that can abuse the public with poor service and high prices knowing that the public has no other choice,” he said.

Juan referenced the telecommunications and the commercial airline industries. With competition, services have improved and fares have gone down.

“It will be the same in all businesses including the MC taxi business. Competition makes businesses stronger and better. The toughest survive but only through honest competition, not by using underhanded tactics,” Juan said.

Promote not limit

He added move It has around 1,000 drivers at the moment compared to around 30,000 as claimed by the market leader.

While the smallest, Move It charges its drivers the lowest commission to let them earn more and offers the best fares to commuters.

Juan said he will continue this practice and fight current efforts to stop Move It from getting help from investors.

Juan said the government should promote and not limit business growth, and open competition is the way to go, he said.

“Let us pass the bill legitimizing the MC taxi business and allowing every interested party to join. The longer the delay, the more the public will suffer poor service. Besides, an open sector will generate hundreds of thousands of jobs,” he said.

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